Bathroom Renovations: A few useful tips

One of the places that need constant attention in any home is the bathroom. This is hardly surprising, considering the damp, humid conditions to which this room is subjected on a daily basis. Over time, it is inevitable that your bathroom will need to be remodeled to give it the fresh look that’s in keeping with the rest of your house. Here, in any case, are a few tips that will turn this most important of rooms into a thing of beauty.

How much does it cost to remodel the average bathroom?

The first thing that you need to consider before renovating your bathroom is cost. This, of course, is going to be variable, depending on the amount of work that needs to be done. Cost is also going to be determined by the style that you wish to adopt. Nevertheless, bathroom renovations, on average, can set you back between $3500 and $9000. Your budget should, therefore, be something along these lines.

Bathroom Renovations are a DIY no, no!

Tune your television set to any channel, and you are likely to come across countless shows that have burly men “doing it themselves” in some backyard. If this has inspired you to begin carrying out similar work in your bathroom, you should immediately discard the idea. Bathroom renovations are labor and knowledge intensive, and will likely be beyond the scope of the average person.

A lot of the work that needs to be done can actually only be done by licensed people. Should you decide to do the it yourself, it is likely that you will void the warranty on your home. You could even end up incurring fines. In fact, you could end up incurring even more costs down the line should you improperly carry out the work. This is one job on which you should hire professionals and be glad while doing so.

Make sure that the job is done properly

We are all looking to make savings right? This, after all, is the only reasonable way to go. What do you do, therefore, should you discover that you need to pay more than the budgeted amount due to the fact that the plumper has just told you that you need to have all the pipes that are in your bathroom replaced? Well, bathroom renovations are, as we have already stated, a labor intensive process. What’s more, many of the fittings that are removed cannot be reused.

You should, therefore, make sure that all the work that needs to be done is done correctly to avoid the cost of having to start over a short while later. Should you decide to skimp on, as we have already noted, having your pipes replaced, there is a high risk that you will actually need to completely have the job redone should the pipes burst a short while later. Once you have decided to have your bathroom remodeled, make sure that the job is done to perfection the first time around. The best way to make sure your dream bathroom is within your budget is to bring in a bathroom reno expert. The first step I made after making the decision to renovate my bathroom was to call a quality gold coast bathroom renovation service and get an expert’s opinion on price, time involved and how to get the most from my budget.

Renovate the entire house

Okay, so you have decided to renovate your bathroom, but, how about the rest of your home. Often, you will discover that it is better to have the work done at once, as this allows you to go for a uniform look for the entire house. That is the reason why it is advisable to carry out remodeling work on your entire home at once. You definitely do not want to have a bathroom that looks spanking new, while the rest of your house remains old and unattractive.

Jazz Up Your Old Fence with These Fencing Styles

Are you looking to jazz up that old weary fence of yours? Is it hard to maintain or is it always in constant repair? Then it’s time to replace your fence with a shiny new one just like those you’ve seen in gardening and home magazines. But you know that it’s easier envisioned than actually done. Only a professional can help you with this image.

Timber Fencing installation

How A Fence Is Installed

Now don’t get too worried, these are quite basic.

  1. Posts have to be installed at the proper depths. Wooden fencing needs to be treated to prevent decay or infestation. Spacing of each post is very important or else it will be very obvious to see an off-spaced post.
  2. The rails must be parallel and firmly attached to each post. Leave it to the experts who know how to do this even on slopes!
  3. The cladding or covering must also be firmly fixed and spaced evenly to the rails. Your cladding could be pickets or panels, depending on your choice.

fenceFirst thing the professional fencer does is to make a site visit and measure the perimeter and the slope. He will also take note of any existing obstacles in building the fence. Then he will ask you what material, style and design you prefer. Once you’ve agreed to his quote, all you need to do is wait for his team to arrive with their equipment. After a thorough clean up, you can admire your beautifully built fence.

Fence Materials

  • Brick Fences

We all know this material! But how much does it cost to put up a brick fence? Well, it all depends on how big the job is where the emphasis is workmanship more than material. A combination of materials can be used with brick and the outcome is still stunning.

  • Aluminium Fences

One of the more popular types of fencing, aluminium can be pricier than other materials but is the easiest to maintain and is long-lasting. It only gets more expensive if you want a custom-made design.

  • PVC fencePVC Fences

Poly-Vinyl Chloride fencing is another popular type of fencing. This material will not require repainting and can last even longer than wooden fencing.

  • Colorbond Fences

As the name suggests, Colorbond as a material can give you a number of colours to choose from. They also come in different styles available and are easy to construct. These are enough reasons why Colorbond is increasingly popular!

  • Wooden Fences

This needs no introduction! Wooden fencing is very traditional and very affordable. The beauty and elegance that wooden fences display are beyond explanation although, like everything beautiful, it needs constant maintenance and treatment.

It is not for the novice fencer to tackle the task of replacing a fence or even putting up a new one. We all want that perfect magazine-cover worthy fence that will last a long time. So take heed, contact your local professional fencer and get a quote on your dream fence! The best ones surely won’t disappoint you.

timber fence with trellis

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A Beginner’s Guide to Storing Furniture In Self-Storage

Old furniture pieces may no longer match your upgraded contemporary home décor, but this doesn’t mean that you should just get rid of them, especially if some of these items still have a high financial and sentimental value.

Antique storage

Vintage furniture can have great market value, and even if you don’t want to use your old pieces now, there may come a time in the future when you may need to. The better these pieces look, the higher the value an experienced antique dealer will see in them. So it is of paramount importance to store them in good conditions.

Storing in your garage or other areas in your home may not do the trick though. Think of all the variables you have on such places: the temperature will not stay the same, there may be unwanted humidity or other climate factors that can badly affect the state of these antique pieces.

The best solution under the circumstances would be to find a professional storage solution. It would be wiser to spend a small amount of money on convenient self-storage, and leave your antiques inside a climate-controlled room until you find the right buyer for your furniture, or feel ready to rediscover their charm or prep them for restoration. If this option appeals to you, here are a few things that you should consider before actually renting a unit.

Clean and Treat Each Piece Thoroughly before Leaving It in Storage. For starters, you should dismantle and clean each piece thoroughly, using cleaning agents that are compatible with the materials incorporated into your antiques. Next, you should treat all surfaces and prepare them for long-term storage. For instance, you should apply furniture polish on your antique pieces to add moisture and prevent cracks and scratches that usually appear when the wood dries out.

crusader storage

Use the Right Packing Materials for This Job. Cover all furniture pieces with protective covers to avoid scratches and other damages that may impact the appearance and resale value of your belongings. Whatever you do, don’t use plastic covers to protect wooden goods, as plastic may create condensation, causing the wood surface to swell. Instead, buy and utilize furniture pads, moving blankets or clean cloth pieces to shield your valuables from dust, light and moisture.

Remember That Climate Control Is an Essential Feature. Radical temperature changes are a big threat that you should factor in, given that extreme heat and cold could cause wood to contract and expand, affecting the strength and visual appeal of your furniture. To avoid this consequence, deposit valuable antiques inside a climate-controlled self-storage unit.

Go for a room that offers you the most attractive features and additional layers of protection for your contents, and don’t forget to check out the offers introduced on the local self-storage market by a reputable, well known and trusted storage option provider in your area, profit from monthly specials and incredible discounts, and discover the perks of inexpensive self-storage.

3 Signs Indicating Your Company Needs a Self-Storage Solution

Self Storage Facility in Perth - Storage Perth WA

Have you ever wondered what key factors could stand against the success story of your small business? According to a recent article published by Investopedia, client dependence, poor money management, fatigue, founder dependence, and a fragile balance between growth and quality are the five main threats that could bury your business six feet under in no time. Another thing that can really affect the good functioning of your business is clutter, gathering business documents and office supplies or other business-relevant materials without any discernment. This can really hurt the business in ways that you cannot even imagine at first sight. Bad office organization will affect the employees’ impression on your business and it can lead to job abandonment in more extreme cases. It may also affect the way your clients will perceive your business. If you cannot keep clutter under control, what makes you a successful business manager?

Cluttered employee DesktopFortunately, you can take matters into your own hands and face some of the most common business-related challenges with ease, by renting affordable self-storage from reputable storage facilities like Storage Perth WA provided our business when we were based in Perth. Here are three signs indicating that your small company in is desperate need of premium extra space.

  1. You Need a Room Where You Could Store Your Inventory. Getting in touch with suppliers to complete your inventory is only a part of your most important task. At the end of the day, you also need to find a place where you could store your merchandise safely and conveniently. Select a self-storage unit based on relevant criteria such as quantity of stock, type of inventory, access and display of the stock, and save big in the process by reserving your room over the Internet.
  2. You Need a Place Where You Could Meet New Prospects and Clients. Maybe you already count on a warehouse where you could store your inventory; but you lack modern office space where you could meet your clients, prospects, and business partners in person and lay the foundation for new productive business connections. In this case, you could always turn to versatile self-storage units in Perth that you could turn into cost-effective showrooms and stores where you could showcase your goods and establish new fruitful business partnerships.
  3. You Need Help to Run Your Daily Operations but Can’t Afford to Hire Any Employees. putting box on shelf in storageRunning a small business on your own can be difficult, stressful, and time-consuming to say the least. People who are in this situation are often forced to juggle multiple responsibilities and eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at their desks. Luckily, there is a simpler solution to this common understaffing problem: you could rent self-storage  and benefit from several complimentary services, including package acceptance and delivery, Internet access, faxing and copying, offered by a trusted local facility. Rent your favourite unit from a reputable and trusted self-storage provider and find out how extra space tailored to your real necessities could help you lift your small business off the ground.

Don’t Be a Statistic – Tips on Getting a Removal Service To Help The Shift

Being on the go for the past decade, I’ve had my share of both wonderful and horrific stories about relocating to a new place. My work entails me to be constantly changing residences every so often that some of the companies I’ve hired for a removal service, already know me very well. I’ve gotten to be quite an expert.

Two removalists unloading truck

Things to consider

The nice thing about moving to a new place, aside from the excitement of being in one, is the “de-cluttering” process I go through. I get to weed out the unnecessary things in my house to start off with a clean slate, sort of. So if you’re like me, de-clutter and organise everything you see in your house. The more things you do not bring, the less expensive your move. Removalists base their cost on the volume of things plus the weight of your goods and of course the distance travelled. Also, shipping fewer items will give less unpacking time. Be sure nothing gets packed that shouldn’t be packed in the first place. For example, garbage and other hazardous materials that you wouldn’t want to bring into your new home. Better be safe than sorry, pack all your money, wallets, papers, documents, jewelries, stocks and other essential items in your car for safekeeping.

Furniture ready to be moved into furniture truckSo when the crew from your favourite furniture removal service arrives at your place, it’s good to give them a quick tour and tell them what things are leaving and what are not. Point out fragile items or figurines that need special care. Have them pack with correct wrapping materials for that special statue. Or make sure the armrests of your beautiful sofa are neatly wrapped to avoid damage. Big beds and sofas are heavy so that means they should be moved only once to avoid exhaustion and maybe damage. Don’t be afraid to tell them what needs to be done and what needs to be put on hold. And have a quick inspection of the van. Do this also after everything is ready to go.


Unloaded furnitureBefore the crew starts unpacking, give them a tour of your new place to create a mental picture of where things should go, what pieces go to where. I labelled the rooms clearly so they know where my bedroom, storage room and den are. If you’ve done your organizing correctly, you should have made a list of the boxes and what items are in it. This is very useful because you just tick off the items from your list and the number on the boxes as they enter your new place. Remember to watch out for missing boxes. Take note of the condition of the boxes. If one looks damaged or wet, take note of it on your list.

Saying hello

And so everything has been unloaded onto your new house. When the crew from the removal service leave, it’s now your turn to settle down and start a whole new kind of organizing. Your new home awaits your meticulous homey touch.

Best Uses for Skip Bin Hire


Whether you are getting some renovation work done on your home, doing some landscaping or running a construction site, you’re bound to end up with large quantities of waste and debris you’ll need to get rid of. Fortunately, gone are the days when you (or your staff) had to carry them around like mules. Nowadays there are specialized skip bin hire services which can do all the work for you, supplying the skip bins best suited to your needs and helping you dispose of waste in an effective and eco-friendly manner.

Here is a quick overview of the ways in which skip bin hire services can provide customized solutions to your waste disposal problems.

Customized Skip Bin Solutions to Your Waste-Related Problems

  1. Getting rid of heavy waste

Have you just finished a home makeover or renovation project? Now you can dispose of heavy rubbish and debris or household objects which are no longer of use (old furniture or everyday items) with much less effort by getting the so-called domestic or home skip bins from a specialized provider.

  1. Eco-friendly solution for organic and household waste

Skip filled with renovation leftoversIf you’re spring cleaning or giving your front yard a face lift, you can turn to a skip bin hire service for an eco-friendly way to dispose of the organic waste accumulated (branches, leaves, grass clippings and so forth). Large, green waste bins also come in handy when you need to get rid of recyclable household items and other equipment.

  1. De-cluttering office space

As office furniture and other equipment do not have a very long life in our fast-changing world, office buildings tend to get cluttered with roomfuls of heavy objects. Rather than allow mounds of junk to pile up, it pays off to hire a skip bin service to have it removed from your premises on a regular basis.

  1. Disposing of chemical waste

Beyond their more general uses, a particular benefit of skip bins is the safe disposal of dangerous chemicals and corrosive materials (oil, paint and asbestos, among others). To this purpose, skip bin hire companies provide customized specialty skip bins, normally used by businesses, guaranteed to contain those chemicals and transport them in perfectly secure conditions.

Wizz Binz orange skip bin with dog

Waste No More!

Most specialized companies will offer the full range of skip bins we listed and point you to the one which would work best for you. However, it is a good policy to assess your waste disposal needs before turning to a skip bin hire provider, to make sure you get exactly what you require. As waste tends to multiply tenfold in our consumption-driven society, it pays off to find a reliable skip bin hire company and build a long-term relation with them, especially if you strive to run a green household or company. Some skip bin hire providers will also provide assistance on how to minimize your waste and organize garbage more effectively, thus making both your and their job easier in the long run.

Consider Poured Limestone for a Driveway that Looks Better and Lasts Longer

Poured Limestone Driveway in Perth

If you are looking for a more attractive and affordable solution for your driveway and concrete just isn’t good enough, you may take an interest in poured limestone. When it comes to paving for outside pathways and driveways, liquid limestone is the best builders’ first choice. There are multiple benefits to this procedure and this particular material will definitely set your home apart, adding curb value and enhancing its overall worth.

A driveway made of liquid limestone is more durable and usually laid to about 100mm on all traffic able areas on your yard, which makes it stronger. The fact that this is poured material means that you can give any shape you want to your front yard, and you can combine it with other materials for a more aesthetically pleasing result. You can also combine it with garden beds and flowing curves, that would perfectly complement any landscaping project.

Back in May 2014 we had a driveway project finished of with liquid limestone. The finish was better than we imagined and the cost was less than we expected. If your in Perth and would like to get in touch with the awesome team who looked after us, check out Stylish Outdoor Solutions – Poured Limestone.

Just consider it: your driveway will possess the same strengths and qualities of concrete, but with an added benefit: limestone looks infinitely better and is more versatile. It will adapt effortlessly to your home’s architecture.

What is liquid limestone?

Pool Deck Liquid Limestone FinishLiquid limestone is made of a mix of crushed limestone, concrete and a series of other additives generally used in landscaping and building projects. The general uses include house projects like patios, pool areas, driveways and pathways. This is technically poured and spread the same way as concrete. It is believed to be more strong and resilient than concrete, and on top of this, it has an attractive color that can give any project an attractive side. Poured concrete can be stenciled, textured or colored, creating stunning effect on any building project it is used for.

What are the advantages over concrete and stone pavers?

If you have used natural stone for your paving project around the house, you already know how difficult it can be to maintain the pavers in sharp condition. Left unattended, these can deteriorate quite easily, as weeds will grow within the gaps and ants and other insects can take residence between the cracks and create anthills that are difficult to remove.

Poured Limestone Driveway PavingLiquid limestone has no gaps in it, so your pathway will look smoother. If you are a fan of the cracked look, you can always go with a stencil pattern that will create the illusion of cracks. But ants or weeds will no longer be an issue.

Another disadvantage with stone pavers is that they can slip and cause accidents. Liquid limestone, on another hand, presents no slip danger. This makes it ideal around a spa area or a pool.

Keep in mind that poured limestone, just like concrete, can stain easily so you would require your project properly sealed. This is why it is essential to use the services of a professional builder, who will evaluate the surroundings, pour the limestone and then come back the next day to add a water based sealer.

Renovations That Are Worth It


Renovations are not all about spending your extra money to make your house prettier and more comfortable. Some people who are planning to sell off their property do some renovation first so that it can add value to their beloved home. Now this one is a little bit tricky since not all improvements pay off, sometimes, the amount you spend for renovations will not yield enough returns, so that’s why you need some guide on how to this. Luckily, I’m here to give you some basics that you can use for your next renovation.

Do repairs for usability and not just beauty.

KitchennMost of the mindset when doing renovations is to make everything prettier. While this is the reason that we are doing renovation, in our situation in which we need something that will make our place pricier in the day of sale, that is not the only thing you should consider. The best example of this is the kitchen. An old kitchen will not net you that much amount, but if upgraded right, it will be worth it. And, it is easy to do and will not cost you that much during the renovations. Things like upgrading an old microwave to something that is more efficient and will match the theme of the kitchen is something that you should do. An old refrigerator that does not fit well and at the same time cost a lot of electricity is another example. You will not believe how a good kitchen can increase the price of your house. The only thing that you should be aware of? Just do not go overboard with the appliances, make everything balanced, for example, a do not go buying off a super-luxury table for a set of devices that are only middle class. They will not fit well and will be ignored during the time of sale.

bathroomBathroom addition or renovation might be good at a glance, but not in the long run.

Sometimes, you might be thinking that adding a bathroom in your house is a good investment. Well, at a glance, it is. But once you considered the renovation cost, you will see that it is not. Bathroom addition or renovation cost a lot because you’ll need a lot of new things, like tiles, bowl, bathtub, etc. Do not forget plumbing, electricians, etc. Well, according to research, on average, compared to the cost and the amount you received during the time of sale, bathroom addition, renovation or major expansion will not yield more than 60 percent of the expenses you’ve done. This percentage return is minuscule, unlike the kitchen part which in some situation, could yield a larger amount compared to the amount you spent. A lot to consider right. So before planning that major overhaul of your bathroom, think about if you need it since this is not a sound investment if you are planning to sell this property in the future.

Good insulations are always good if you don’t have them yet.

Good insulations might cost you a little bit more, but it is essential if you want to compete in the housing market. If you already have insulation installed but they are not that good, they barely matter. So the only thing that matters is sound insulation. In the housing market here in Melbourne, it is either right or nonexistent; there is no in between.


Renovations that pays off are rather few, but with enough research and statistics, you can be aware what might be a sound investment, and house renovation when you are planning to sell off your property should be approached with a different mindset as compared to standard improvement. So, the thing about it, or stay tuned, will talk about this in our future articles.

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