Justin Vance

Hello, my name is Justin Vance.

I’m not a local resident of Melbourne but I always hope and like I am since Melbourne is one of the greatest I’ve seen throughout my life. I am from North Carolina originally and I decided to move here about 7 years ago and I do think that it is one of the greatest decision I’ve done.

Specializing in Home Renovation, I started to work my way to this industry here in Melbourne, competition was tough but I think through hard work, efficiency and just plainly doing my best every time, I was able to get through it.

Home Renovation is something that everyone loves, we love changes from time to time, otherwise our lives would be a lot more boring, and a change for a better is always good, and that might be the reason why everyone loves to talk about it. And working in something that is good, while at the same time, it is actually your passion, is something that not all people got in their lives. I can not help out everyone but what I did was started my own website that solely focus on my passion in Home Renovation. It is not much but I am hoping that I could help out someone that wanted go this path while at the same time, entertain and inform my potential customers. This is publication at its best while at the same time, I get to write out blogs about my passion. I mean, there is no downside to this other than the fact that I will be busier, and I’ll gladly take it.

Thank you for reading, if you wanna help me out, I got you, we have a submission page here that you can easily use!