Are you looking to jazz up that old weary fence of yours? Is it hard to maintain or is it always in constant repair? Then it’s time to replace your fence with a shiny new one just like those you’ve seen in gardening and home magazines. But you know that it’s easier envisioned than actually done. Only a professional can help you with this image.

Timber Fencing installation

How A Fence Is Installed

Now don’t get too worried, these are quite basic.

  1. Posts have to be installed at the proper depths. Wooden fencing needs to be treated to prevent decay or infestation. Spacing of each post is very important or else it will be very obvious to see an off-spaced post.
  2. The rails must be parallel and firmly attached to each post. Leave it to the experts who know how to do this even on slopes!
  3. The cladding or covering must also be firmly fixed and spaced evenly to the rails. Your cladding could be pickets or panels, depending on your choice.

fenceFirst thing the professional fencer does is to make a site visit and measure the perimeter and the slope. He will also take note of any existing obstacles in building the fence. Then he will ask you what material, style and design you prefer. Once you’ve agreed to his quote, all you need to do is wait for his team to arrive with their equipment. After a thorough clean up, you can admire your beautifully built fence.

Fence Materials

  • Brick Fences

We all know this material! But how much does it cost to put up a brick fence? Well, it all depends on how big the job is where the emphasis is workmanship more than material. A combination of materials can be used with brick and the outcome is still stunning.

  • Aluminium Fences

One of the more popular types of fencing, aluminium can be pricier than other materials but is the easiest to maintain and is long-lasting. It only gets more expensive if you want a custom-made design.

  • PVC fencePVC Fences

Poly-Vinyl Chloride fencing is another popular type of fencing. This material will not require repainting and can last even longer than wooden fencing.

  • Colorbond Fences

As the name suggests, Colorbond as a material can give you a number of colours to choose from. They also come in different styles available and are easy to construct. These are enough reasons why Colorbond is increasingly popular!

  • Wooden Fences

This needs no introduction! Wooden fencing is very traditional and very affordable. The beauty and elegance that wooden fences display are beyond explanation although, like everything beautiful, it needs constant maintenance and treatment.

It is not for the novice fencer to tackle the task of replacing a fence or even putting up a new one. We all want that perfect magazine-cover worthy fence that will last a long time. So take heed, contact your local professional fencer and get a quote on your dream fence! The best ones surely won’t disappoint you.

timber fence with trellis

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