Poured Limestone Driveway in Perth

If you are looking for a more attractive and affordable solution for your driveway and concrete just isn’t good enough, you may take an interest in poured limestone. When it comes to paving for outside pathways and driveways, liquid limestone is the best builders’ first choice. There are multiple benefits to this procedure and this particular material will definitely set your home apart, adding curb value and enhancing its overall worth.

A driveway made of liquid limestone is more durable and usually laid to about 100mm on all traffic able areas on your yard, which makes it stronger. The fact that this is poured material means that you can give any shape you want to your front yard, and you can combine it with other materials for a more aesthetically pleasing result. You can also combine it with garden beds and flowing curves, that would perfectly complement any landscaping project.

Back in May 2014 we had a driveway project finished of with liquid limestone. The finish was better than we imagined and the cost was less than we expected. If your in Perth and would like to get in touch with the awesome team who looked after us, check out Stylish Outdoor Solutions – Poured Limestone.

Just consider it: your driveway will possess the same strengths and qualities of concrete, but with an added benefit: limestone looks infinitely better and is more versatile. It will adapt effortlessly to your home’s architecture.

What is liquid limestone?

Pool Deck Liquid Limestone FinishLiquid limestone is made of a mix of crushed limestone, concrete and a series of other additives generally used in landscaping and building projects. The general uses include house projects like patios, pool areas, driveways and pathways. This is technically poured and spread the same way as concrete. It is believed to be more strong and resilient than concrete, and on top of this, it has an attractive color that can give any project an attractive side. Poured concrete can be stenciled, textured or colored, creating stunning effect on any building project it is used for.

What are the advantages over concrete and stone pavers?

If you have used natural stone for your paving project around the house, you already know how difficult it can be to maintain the pavers in sharp condition. Left unattended, these can deteriorate quite easily, as weeds will grow within the gaps and ants and other insects can take residence between the cracks and create anthills that are difficult to remove.

Poured Limestone Driveway PavingLiquid limestone has no gaps in it, so your pathway will look smoother. If you are a fan of the cracked look, you can always go with a stencil pattern that will create the illusion of cracks. But ants or weeds will no longer be an issue.

Another disadvantage with stone pavers is that they can slip and cause accidents. Liquid limestone, on another hand, presents no slip danger. This makes it ideal around a spa area or a pool.

Keep in mind that poured limestone, just like concrete, can stain easily so you would require your project properly sealed. This is why it is essential to use the services of a professional builder, who will evaluate the surroundings, pour the limestone and then come back the next day to add a water based sealer.