Being on the go for the past decade, I’ve had my share of both wonderful and horrific stories about relocating to a new place. My work entails me to be constantly changing residences every so often that some of the companies I’ve hired for a removal service, already know me very well. I’ve gotten to be quite an expert.

Two removalists unloading truck

Things to consider

The nice thing about moving to a new place, aside from the excitement of being in one, is the “de-cluttering” process I go through. I get to weed out the unnecessary things in my house to start off with a clean slate, sort of. So if you’re like me, de-clutter and organise everything you see in your house. The more things you do not bring, the less expensive your move. Removalists base their cost on the volume of things plus the weight of your goods and of course the distance travelled. Also, shipping fewer items will give less unpacking time. Be sure nothing gets packed that shouldn’t be packed in the first place. For example, garbage and other hazardous materials that you wouldn’t want to bring into your new home. Better be safe than sorry, pack all your money, wallets, papers, documents, jewelries, stocks and other essential items in your car for safekeeping.

Furniture ready to be moved into furniture truckSo when the crew from your favourite furniture removal service arrives at your place, it’s good to give them a quick tour and tell them what things are leaving and what are not. Point out fragile items or figurines that need special care. Have them pack with correct wrapping materials for that special statue. Or make sure the armrests of your beautiful sofa are neatly wrapped to avoid damage. Big beds and sofas are heavy so that means they should be moved only once to avoid exhaustion and maybe damage. Don’t be afraid to tell them what needs to be done and what needs to be put on hold. And have a quick inspection of the van. Do this also after everything is ready to go.


Unloaded furnitureBefore the crew starts unpacking, give them a tour of your new place to create a mental picture of where things should go, what pieces go to where. I labelled the rooms clearly so they know where my bedroom, storage room and den are. If you’ve done your organizing correctly, you should have made a list of the boxes and what items are in it. This is very useful because you just tick off the items from your list and the number on the boxes as they enter your new place. Remember to watch out for missing boxes. Take note of the condition of the boxes. If one looks damaged or wet, take note of it on your list.

Saying hello

And so everything has been unloaded onto your new house. When the crew from the removal service leave, it’s now your turn to settle down and start a whole new kind of organizing. Your new home awaits your meticulous homey touch.