Old furniture pieces may no longer match your upgraded contemporary home décor, but this doesn’t mean that you should just get rid of them, especially if some of these items still have a high financial and sentimental value.

Antique storage

Vintage furniture can have great market value, and even if you don’t want to use your old pieces now, there may come a time in the future when you may need to. The better these pieces look, the higher the value an experienced antique dealer will see in them. So it is of paramount importance to store them in good conditions.

Storing in your garage or other areas in your home may not do the trick though. Think of all the variables you have on such places: the temperature will not stay the same, there may be unwanted humidity or other climate factors that can badly affect the state of these antique pieces.

The best solution under the circumstances would be to find a professional storage solution. It would be wiser to spend a small amount of money on convenient self-storage, and leave your antiques inside a climate-controlled room until you find the right buyer for your furniture, or feel ready to rediscover their charm or prep them for restoration. If this option appeals to you, here are a few things that you should consider before actually renting a unit.

Clean and Treat Each Piece Thoroughly before Leaving It in Storage. For starters, you should dismantle and clean each piece thoroughly, using cleaning agents that are compatible with the materials incorporated into your antiques. Next, you should treat all surfaces and prepare them for long-term storage. For instance, you should apply furniture polish on your antique pieces to add moisture and prevent cracks and scratches that usually appear when the wood dries out.

crusader storage

Use the Right Packing Materials for This Job. Cover all furniture pieces with protective covers to avoid scratches and other damages that may impact the appearance and resale value of your belongings. Whatever you do, don’t use plastic covers to protect wooden goods, as plastic may create condensation, causing the wood surface to swell. Instead, buy and utilize furniture pads, moving blankets or clean cloth pieces to shield your valuables from dust, light and moisture.

Remember That Climate Control Is an Essential Feature. Radical temperature changes are a big threat that you should factor in, given that extreme heat and cold could cause wood to contract and expand, affecting the strength and visual appeal of your furniture. To avoid this consequence, deposit valuable antiques inside a climate-controlled self-storage unit.

Go for a room that offers you the most attractive features and additional layers of protection for your contents, and don’t forget to check out the offers introduced on the local self-storage market by a reputable, well known and trusted storage option provider in your area, profit from monthly specials and incredible discounts, and discover the perks of inexpensive self-storage.